Transformers Movie Voyager Class Ironhide

Transformers Movie Voyager Class Ironhide

By Hasbro

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OPTIMUS PRIME is defined by his optimistic outlook and the care he feels for his comrades and those they protect. Though he may seem grim when contemplating the battle ahead, he looks always ahead to victory, refusing to contemplate the slightest chance of defeat. This attitude informs all that he does, and infects the other AUTOBOTS as well, leading them all to approach each fight with absolute confidence in their ability to win. It is, in turn, this that proves to be their advantage in each and every engagement against the DECEPTICONS, for in the face of superior numbers and fearsome weaponry, the AUTOBOTS never back down, never bend, and never break. Change this AUTOBOT figure from robot mode truck vehicle mode and back again! Chase down enemies with double missile-firing cannons in robot mode that convert into smokestacks in truck mode!