The Empire Engine

The Empire Engine

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Europe 1888: In a dystopian alternate reality, four great powers vie for control of the continent. Each Empire’s soldiers lay siege to opposing cities, while their war efforts are funded by exotic exports and ingenious inventions. Only one state will orchestrate their limited resources into an Empire Engine powerful enough to lead them to victory.

The Empire EngineΒ is a rondel microgame that plays in 20-30 minutes, with important decisions in every round. Players simultaneously choose actions to attack and defend, salvage and export, or collect resources (Goods for export, Soldiers to attack your neighbors, and Inventions for straight points). Bluff and double bluff as you try to outwit your opponents.

The game contains the following 18 cards:
β€’ 8 Engines (marked β€˜L’ & β€˜R’ for left & right)
β€’ 8 Gears (with values β€˜1’/β€˜0’ & β€˜2’/β€˜3’)
β€’ 1 round track
β€’ 1 action summary

You will need to find the following components:
β€’ 45 resources: 15 counters in each of three different kinds, representing Soldiers, Goods and Inventions. The ideal colours are red, yellow and blue, since these match the colours of the icons on the cards.
β€’ 2 markers: for start player and round track.