Rogue Trader RPG Citadels of Skulls

Rogue Trader RPG Citadels of Skulls

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On the hunt to discover the cause of vanishing settlements and increased xenos sightings, you and your fellow Explorers are thrust on a perilous journey. A great beast has awakened from beyond the edges of the Koronus Expanse, hungering to fulfill its dark purpose. Before you and your fellow Explorers can attempt to seek it out and ultimately destroy it, you must uncover what and where it is. Finding the answer is a nearly impossible undertaking, pitting you against an infamous pirate lord blessed by Chaos.

Citadel of Skulls, the second adventure in The Warpstorm Trilogy for Rogue Trader, can be played as a standalone adventure or connected to the events introduced in The Frozen Reaches. Prepare to attempt the ultimate heist: stealing a priceless artefact from the vault of Karrad Vall, the Chaos Reaver known as the Faceless Lord. No sane person has ever risked entering the Faceless Lord's inner sanctum, let alone stealing from him...until now.

Plot your course through Vall's dark cathedral, past quivering slaves and brutal enemies, bloody chambers, and the ossuaries that give the Citadel its name. And once you reach the Casket of Secrets you'll meet the Archivist. 

An epic adventure of exploration, combat, and acquisition of wealth, Citadel of Skulls is a suspenseful and thrilling journey. Will you be able to withstand the voyage?

  • New adventure for Rogue Trader
  • Set in the popular Warhammer 40,000 universe
  • Part two of The Warpstorm Trilogy
  • Can be played as a standalone adventure
  • Takes players on an exciting heist against a Chaos Space Pirate