Masters of the Universe: The Board Game - Clash for Eternia

Masters of the Universe: The Board Game - Clash for Eternia

1-5 players, ages 14+, 45-60 minutes

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He-Man and his allies duel Skeletor and his minions for control of Eternia!

By holding aloft his Power Sword, Prince Adam can intone the ancient words, “By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!” and transform into He-Man, ultimate warrior and protector of Eternia. He and his Heroic Warriors, such as Man-at-Arms and Teela, are always on the lookout for the machinations of Skeletor and his Evil Warriors, like Evil-Lyn and Beast Man, as they seek to take the power of Grayskull for themselves. In the end only the forces Good or Evil will prevail.

In Masters of the Universe: The Board Game – Clash for Eternia, players take on the role of the forces of good or evil. Across multiple scenarios, players will battle it out utilizing one of two game modes: 1-vs-Many or fully Cooperative. Their goal? Seize the power of Grayskull and rule over all of Eternia, either for good or evil.


  • 7 Heroic Warriors
  • 7 Evil Warriors
  • 8 Heroic Minions
  • 2 Heroic Elite Minions
  • 8 Evil Minions
  • 2 Evil Elite Minions
  • 50 Power Cubes
  • 12 Dice
  • 3 Plastic Bases
  • 4 Player Dashboards
  • 1 Controller Dashboard
  • 1 Battlefield Board
  • 1 Tracker Board
  • 13 Double-Sided Overlays
  • 157 Cards
  • 48 Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Scenario Book