Liar's Dice

Liar's Dice

2-4 players, ages 6+, 15 minutes

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The classic party game of dice rolling and bluffing, Liar’s Dice is a simple yet suspenseful game where the pressure builds with every round! Each player secretly rolls their 5 dice using their Dice Cup, and then covers the dice to keep them hidden. The starting player “bids” by saying a quantity and number of dice they may have rolled, like “four 2’s.” The next player must increase the bid in quantity, number, or both (like, “five 2’s” or “four 3’s”) – but if challenged, everyone reveals their dice to see what was actually rolled. If you were bluffing, you lose a die for the next round. Once a player has lost all their dice, they’re out of the game. Last player left is the winner! Bring Liar’s Dice to your next party with friends or night out on the town.


  • THE DICE NEVER LIE . . . but what about your opponents? Liar’s Dice is the popular dice game where it’s not what you roll, but what you say you rolled. If your bluff is believable, you’ll go far!
  • Secretly roll 5 dice, and then announce your “bid” (a quantity and number, like “Four 2’s”). The next player must beat your bid or challenge you if they think you’re bluffing. Get caught in a lie and lose a die in this classic game
  • Each player gets their own Dice Cup and set of 5 Dice, so it’s easy to keep your roll covered (and away from prying eyes)
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