Knockdown: Volume III (Tainted Grail)

Knockdown: Volume III (Tainted Grail)

2 players, ages 8+, 15-30 minutes

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Numerous challenging battles against the powers of the Wyrdness, and many days spent being chased and hunted have led to this moment – the final combat between two opponents. In the world of Tainted Grail which is full of legends about knightly valor and dark magic, there are plenty of ways to defeat your enemy! Are you going to be the one who uses their powers best and becomes the ultimate winner of the battle?

Make sure your story ends up with you winning by the spectacular K.O!

Knockdown is one of a kind dynamic competitive game inspired by fighting video games, where you become one of those powerful warriors you have always been in your dreams and you have to make the best use of all of your skills to force your opponent to perform a K.O. test – in the original, dexterity form that gives you a great impression of struggling to stand up after a heavy hit.

During the game, you will find enjoyment in discovering what your fighter can and cannot do, how to play them efficiently, and how to use their strengths against their opponent’s weaknesses.

But if you want to search deeper, you may find another layer of gameplay – there’s much space for planning and decisions. And there’s nothing to stop you from playing Knockdown like the serious, expanded full format board game – a strategic fight between you and your opponent.