Gunslinger Card Game

Gunslinger Card Game

2-5 players, ages 10+, 2-10 minutes

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Gunslingers start the round by Choosing one attack or item card from their hand.

Gunslingers then hold the chosen card at eye level and wait for other gunslingers to do the same.

When all Gunslingers are ready the Dealer will say “Go”. Gunslingers will then throw their chosen card down in front of the Gunslinger they wish to affect. Attack cards are played in front of other Gunslingers. Item cards are played in front of you. All Gunslingers play cards at the same time.

Gunslingers that are attacked may play defense cards but must play them immediately on top of attack cards.

Resolve all cards.

If you have hearts left start a new round.

The Dealer deals all Gunslingers two more cards then repeat the round.

Round End