Marvel Studios The Eternals 1:10 Scale Battle Diorama Series (BDS) Statue

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With his right fist closed and ready to deliver a powerful blow, the robust immortal warrior firms his feet between the rocks on his pedestal, staring at the enemy in his battleground. Capable of projecting golden exoskeletons enhanced with cosmic energy to protect his arms and fists, a power that increases his strength and durability, and wearing his green and golden celestial armor, Iron Studios present the statue “Gilgamesh BDS – Eternals – Art Scale 1/10\”, with the strongest and kindest member of the Eternals community.

Living in secret on Earth for millions of years, a group of ten immortal beings sent from their home planet Olympia by the Celestial giant called Arishem, the Judge, came on a spaceship known as The Domo, to protect the humans from one of the oldest threats, the creatures known as Deviants. Named Eternals, this team of superheroes travels through growing civilizations to defend them from Deviants but are forbidden by Arishem from interfering in human conflicts, to allow them to evolve naturally. Over the centuries, the Eternals Sersi and Ikaris created a close relationship, becoming a couple. With the Deviants apparently eradicated in the 1500s, the group broke up, each of them following their path, that’s when Ikaris left Sersi, and everyone was just waiting for their return to Olympia. But the emergence of a Deviant joins the group back together to defend Earth. Created by Jack Kirby in the comics, Eternals #1 was released in 1976 and got its place in the MCU in 2021, in the movie by the Chinese director Chloé Zhao.

Played by Don lee, protecting the Babylonian human population in 575 B.C. against Deviants, Gilgamesh’s deeds transformed him into a legend as a hero in Mesopotamian mythology. When King Laufey with the Frost Giants from Jotunheim tried to invade Earth, Gilgamesh and other Eternals fought side by side with the Asgardians led by Odin, and after victory, Gilgamesh received a  secret recipe for beer from the King of Asgard. With the apparent Deviants’ destruction, when he separated from the group, Gilgamesh remained isolated in Australia taking care of Thena, until both reunited with the other Eternals to face the Deviants again.

Iron Studios bring the Eternals’ only collection of statues, with all the members of the group. Presented in the virtual event Inside Iron Studios Day, the statues are part of the collection that composes a diorama set of the complete group, but they also perfectly work individually, representing your favorite character. Check out all the Eternal’s statues by Iron Studios, a hit from Marvel Studios with a sequel confirmed for the big screens. Already individually available for Pre-Order, soon more MCU news by Iron Studios!


  • 7 inches (18cm)
  • Limited edition
  • Based on original references
  • Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
  • Hand painted
  • Other statues not included (sold separately)

Box Contents

  • Gilgamesh statue