Folded Space: Kingdom Death Monster

Folded Space: Kingdom Death Monster

Organizational Evacore Inserts

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Please note:   The insert is designed to fit the 1.5 version of the game with box dimensions listed above. The insert works fine with the older 1.3 version, but the box is approximately 7 mm lower and in this case the lid will not close fully flush. Insert designed for game with external box dimensions of 62.8 x 32.5 x 13.5 cm .

Insert compatible with Kingdom Death Monster ®, and the insert has space for a total of 1,300 standard sized cards and 440 gear cards in total. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. All of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times.

This insert alone does not fully fill the box, and hence the game cannot be stored vertically with this insert alone. It is arranged with the tokens and dice in trays on top. On the right is a gap sized to contain the main rulebook and larger tiles. On the left is a recess for the small board and the player boards, with additional space for the larger terrain tiles from expansions.

The token trays have been made to be single large trays. This means the tokens can be removed quickly and placed on the game board so that you can easily access the card trays underneath. There are slots for all the token types, and additional slots for tokens and tiles from expansions.

There are also trays for the larger terrain tiles and the settlement event cards. The cards can be sleeved.

Each of the card trays can store sleeved cards, and is made to be removable from the box when needed. The access holes in the tray dividers are off set so that the black card dividers that come with the game can still be used and read while in the tray.

The gear card trays can either be used for gear cards or for the standard sized cards. There is a cut in the side of the tray so the cards can be accessed. Again all cards can be sleeved with quality sleeves. When the trays are used for the larger cards, the total storage capacity for large cards is increased to 1,490 sleeved cards. The smaller gear card slot can be used then for storing the dividers no longer needed if you put your gear cards in a binder.

These trays can be combined with the FS-KDM+ insert for expansions. If the FS-KDM+ insert is not used, the FS-KDM trays can be placed in the box in an alternative order, with the token trays on the bottom layer and the small board on top. We recommend placing the main game board on top of this layer.

Finally the terrain tile trays go on the right, the rulebook next to them, and finally on the right is space for the settlement location cards and there is still space on top for a binder for gear cards should you have one.

When this insert is combined with the FS-KDM+ insert they fill the game box. When both inserts are used the total number of sleeved standard cards is increased to 1,860 and the gear cards to 740. With gear cards in a binder folder the total standard cards is increased to 2,250.