Escape Room: The Game - 2 Players Edition: Dagger of the Sultan & Viking Funeral

Escape Room: The Game - 2 Players Edition: Dagger of the Sultan & Viking Funeral

1-2 players, ages 16+, 60 minutes

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Experience the excitement of a real Escape Room, right at home. In this challenging and nerve-racking horror two-player edition of the world-famous Escape Room The Game, you work with your teammate to solve puzzles and find hidden clues. It's a race against time; you only have 60 minutes to escape. In this game you win or lose together. Teamwork is the key to success. If you've never played an Escape Room before, prepare for a completely new experience. Unbelievable how quickly an hour passes in the heat of battle! Contains 1 introductory adventure (15 minutes tutorial "Bloody Mary") and 2 complete adventures. 

To play this game you need a smartphone with the digital Chrono Decoder in the Escape Room The Game app OR the Chrono Decoder from the base game. 

  • 821 - Small village on the coast For the past seven years, you have served Viking Jarl Ragnar as his slave. But now he’s died, and the same fate is awaiting you, because, when an important Viking dies, it is customary for their slaves to be offered in a ritual so that they can continue to serve their master beyond the grave. In an hour’s time, the sun will set, and the funeral of your old master will get underway… as will yours, unless you find a way to prevent it.
  • 1735 - The Sultan’s palace After long preparations, the execution of the plan to steal back the Yassir dagger – the treasured heirloom –has started. Finally, you have received the invitation – or rather the ‘order’ – to come and perform your snake act in front of the Sultan. Is your sophisticated plan to steal back the dagger and escape from the palace going to succeed?