A6M3 Zero Fighter (60784)

A6M3 Zero Fighter (60784)

1:72 Scale Airplane Plastic Model Kit

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The 1/72 scale Warbirds Collection welcomes the A6M3 Zero fighter Model 32, which was codenamed
"Hamp" by American forces. The Model 32 was an evolution of the Model 21; it received an improved Sakae 21 engine and shorter, redesigned main wing, with the effect that its top speed increased by 11km/h and it also had improved roll and diving speed, albeit at the cost of increased fuel consumption. In fact, this plus with the Model 32's smaller fuel tank meant its range was some 1,000km shorter. The Model 32 made its maiden flight on July 15th 1941, and first saw service with the 2nd Fighter Group in Rabaul, the Philippines. All told, 343 Model 32 aircraft were manufactured, a number so low in part due to the range limitations of the aircraft.

Tamiya's 1/72 model collection allows modelers with small display areas to display numerous models in a confined space while retaining Tamiya's known detail and realism at the same time.  

  • AS-12  - 100ml Bare Metal Silver
  • AS-21  - 100ml Dark Green 2 (IJN)
  • AS-29  - 100ml Gray-Green
  • X-10  - 23ml Gun Metal
  • X-10  - 10ml Gun Metal
  • X-11  - 23ml Chrome Silver
  • X-11  - 10ml Chrome Silver
  • X-13  - 23ml Metallic Blue
  • X-13  - 10ml Metallic Blue
  • X-18  - 23ml Semi Gloss Black
  • X-18  - 10ml Semi Gloss Black
  • X-2  - 23ml White
  • X-2  - 10ml White
  • X-25  - 23ml Clear Green
  • X-25  - 10ml Clear Green
  • X-5  - 23ml Green
  • X-5  - 10ml Green
  • X-7  - 23ml Red
  • X-7  - 10ml Red
  • XF-1  - 23ml Flat Black
  • XF-1  - 10ml Flat Black
  • XF-12  - 23ml J.N. Grey
  • XF-12  - 10ml J.N. Grey
  • XF-16  - 23ml Flat Aluminum
  • XF-16  - 10ml Flat Aluminum
  • XF-23  - 23ml Light Blue
  • XF-23  - 10ml Light Blue
  • XF-56  - 23ml Metallic Grey
  • XF-56  - 10ml Metallic Grey
  • XF-64  - 23ml Red Brown
  • XF-64  - 10ml Red Brown
  • XF-7  - 23ml Flat Red
  • XF-71  - 23ml Cockpit Green
  • XF-71  - 10ml Cockpit Green