Planet Apocalypse: Dragon Pack

Planet Apocalypse: Dragon Pack

1-5 players, 60-90 minutes

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Game Expansion This item is an expansion. Please be aware that ownership of the base game is likely required for play.

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This expansion to Planet Apocalypse contains:

3 Demon figures (Elemental, Cendiary and Nuckelavee)
2 Lord figures (Chthon & Stroma)
2 Hero miniatures (Victor & Bernice)
2 Maps (Dragon Back & Dragon Guts)
2 Hero Sheets
3 Demon Sheets
2 Lord Sheets
10 Gift cards
2 Legion Cards (Tartarus, Cocytus)
26 Trooper Cards (6x Mounties, 4x SAS, 4x British Army, 6x Constabulary, 6x Federales)