Adventure Time Presents: Card Wars

“I floop the pig!”


Card Wars is a Magic: The Gathering/Yu-Gi-Oh!/CCG parody game Finn and Jake play in Adventure Time. It features a totally rad holographic board with animated avatars that represent the cards. The rules for the game are supposed to be “super complicated” but it seems, from what they play, to be fairly similar to a lot of other games I’ve played.

The most surprising thing about this game is how playable it seems to be. Normally when people make parody version of board games, they’re really bizarre and illogically complicated.  Card Wars is silly, but it seems to function on some real mechanics. That’s why I’m excited to see Cryptozoic is actually going to bring this game to life!

It’s due out in November, but if you want to get the best price possible, be sure to pre-order it from us ASAP!

Oh, and someone posted the episode on Facebook! Watch it here!

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